Dear parent of a child in the PICU,

In May 2007, my 20-month-old son was the picture of good health. The worst illness he ever had was an ear infection. However, this picture soon changed when in late May he had an unusually high fever. Upon taking him to the emergency department at our local hospital, the infection in his body progressed quickly and his right lung partially collapsed. He was medevaced to Children's National Medical Center where he was intubated and sedated. He was in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) where they were able to isolate the bacteria (Strep A) and diagnose my son with necrotizing fasciitis. The infection had localized in his left arm and soon the orthopaedic surgeon said that they may need to amputate. You can only imagine the fear and anguish that washed over me. But where there is faith there is courage. I quickly called a member of my church to have everyone pray for my son.

God answered! The surgery on my son's arm was successful and it wasn't amputated. My son was flushed with antibiotics, which got rid of the infection and within one week in the ICU and an additional week on the medical floor, my son was released and healthy again. Praise God!

The PICU physicians and staff were incredible - both caring and knowledgeable. The chief physician of the PICU actually came to visit and speak with me about my son's care. I was blown away by the personalized care that we received. The nurses are incredibly compassionate and kind, and really made every effort to make the journey less painful for everyone.

I am grateful for the care my son received, as well as the prayers and support from family and friends. My son is again the picture of good health and has recovered 110%.


Blair's mom, Nickol



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