Dear parent of a child that has orchidopexy (undescended testicle)

Dylan was born in August of 2005. Our pediatrician noticed right away that one of his testicles had not descended and suggested that we see a pediatric urologist. She recommended that we see a specialist at Children's National. The staff in the Division of Urology was amazing. We brought him to the main hospital for the visit and everyone was friendly and kind. He needed surgery, but the procedure was very common and would last only 45 minutes. The day of Dylan's surgery, I was so nervous. He was about 6 months old. I knew that there were other children in the hospital who had more serious conditions, but I still couldn’t help worrying about Dylan. When the doctor took him away to put him under anesthesia, I thought my heart would break into little pieces. It was the longest 45 minutes of my life.

Again, I couldn't help thinking about families that have to endure surgeries that last for hours. It gave me so much insight to the stress and emotional strain families have to endure. I still carry those thoughts with me in everything I do for the hospital. We did a follow-up appointment at the Montgomery County Regional Outpatient Center (ROC) in Rockville, which was much more convenient than driving to the main hospital. I later found out that we could have done the entire procedure at the Rockville location. The procedure was a complete success.

Today, Dylan is a very active little boy, and you can barely see the scar. I love Children's National. As an employee and the mother of a former patient, I am grateful that we have such a great hospital right in our backyard.


Dylan's mom, Kathey

Dylan at the pumpkin patch
Dylan at the pumpkin patch


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