Dear parent of a child with Madelung's deformity,

After years of wondering why our preteen daughter had wrist pain, we discovered she has Madelung's deformity. As it is a rare condition, we had difficulty finding orthopedic surgeons familiar with it, let alone those who knew how to correct it. We had traveled out of state and we had also considered a hand surgeon who had not operated on a child with this deformity. When we were trying to decide our next steps, we not only were referred to Dr. Hattwick by a hand therapist, but the next day, her picture was on the cover of a local magazines with the headline "Top Doctors in Northern Virginia." We thanked the Lord for the affirmation and made our appointment.

Though no surgery is pleasant, our 14-year-old daughter was very brave. She enjoyed many visitors and a break for having to do chores! Her cast was removed this week and the scars are healing nicely. She will start physical therapy next week. Dr. Hattwick was marvelous and we will return to her for our daughter's other wrist and for our other daughter's preventive surgery, as this condition runs in families.

A piece of advice; if your child has surgery on the dominant hand first, be sure you budget plenty of time to be their caregiver as they will need help with homework, getting dressed, and maybe even eating.

We are so thankful that Madelung's is minor and correctable, especially as we have other health challenges that are not so easily diagnosed and treated. Of course, that's easy for me to say, since I was not the patient!

May God guide you.


Christine's mom, Marjorie



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