Dear parent of a child with an eosphilic granuloma,

After many attempts to determine why Daniel had a bump on the back of his head, the pediatrician suggested we go to a plastic surgeon at Children's National to look at it. The pediatrician thought it was a dermoid cyst. The plastic surgeon, Michael Boyajian, MD, said that he felt a hole under the bump. Amanda Yaun, MD, a neurosurgeon, happened to walk by the examination room. He called her in and she took over from there. Daniel had an MRI and they concluded that he had a quarter size hole in his head and the bump protruded from it. It is called an eosphilic granuloma. We scheduled surgery.

The day of the surgery, we were so nervous and freaking out. I have always had medical and hospital phobias so this was especially hard for me. Daniel was just over two years old so he was clueless. The anesthesiologist gave him a squirt of a relaxant in his mouth, which took affect quickly. He was adorable and pretty much "drunk." We took him back to the intubation/sedation room where he would get the IV. The team was so professional and quick. Within a minute he was out and we left him in their hands.

The surgery took about 3 hours. Afterwards, Dr.Yaun came out and said it went perfectly and she was 100% certain it was an EG. Daniel was in recovery. The first few hours were hard because he seemed uncomfortable and really delirious. Then he began drinking a little juice in the hospital room. He had a hard time resting, but by midnight or so he was up and ready to play. In the morning we were discharged and he left the hospital dragging his own suitcase. We went back for a follow-up 6 months later.

If you have any questions about our experience please feel free to contact me.


Daniel's mom, Amy



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